Service Projects


As an applied public health research lab, we have many opportunities to share our skills and knowledge directly with our communities.

Pima County Health Department (PCHD):

Emergency Response in Long-Term Care Settings: Our lab has offered infection prevention consultation to the health department and directly to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, weekly video conferences, data management and analysis to support the PCHD’s Emergency Operations Center throughout the COVID-19 since April, 2020. Our lab continues to support the health department to build infection prevention capacity in high-risk congregate care settings in Pima County.




Healthcare workers have shouldered an enormous and continuous burden throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. HCW-HOSTED is a grass-roots organization started by University faculty, students, and staff as well as concerned citizens of Tucson to support HCWs. Our lab has contributed to the overall vision, website content development, symptom monitoring, and data management.

Public Health Advisory to Campus Team (PHACT):

The University of Arizona campus reentry planning has involved hundreds of faculty, staff and students since spring 2020. Our lab has contributed to the guiding principles, provided input to various implementation committees and serves on the Public Health Advisory Campus Team (PHACT) to advise executive leadership about epidemiologic indicators, testing protocols, and mitigation measures.




Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) Round-Up:

Twice per year, the CDC, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and tribal health authorities support a “round up” of free roaming dogs for tick collaring to prevent the transmission of R. rickettsia (RMSF), which is vectored by the American Brown Dog tick common to Northern AZ. University students and faculty assist with dog collaring, resident surveys, and application of acaracide to the perimeter of buildings. Our lab is active in coordinating University of Arizona volunteers for this biannual effort.